Title: CBD oil contributes to the normalisation of cannabis

Written by: André Beckers

When I first heard the stories about CBD oil I was sceptic. I thought this is going to be an issue. For years the government is trying to paint cannabis as the devil’s crop. People who are associated with cultivating cannabis are often portrayed as criminals. The as CBD known cannabidiol is part of the cannabis plant. Cannabis plants are needed to produce natural CBD products. Action was taken when the first bottles of CBD oil were sold in stores. The inspector of maters regarding the Opiumwet (Opium law), from the ministry of health, wellbeing and sports, made it clear that this product falls under the scope of the Opiumwet. Selling this product was not permitted. A number of discussions followed.
CBD isn’t mentioned on one of the lists that are a part of the Opiumwet. Why aren’t you allowed to sell CBD oil? The answer was simple. Because THC is a substance that is also found in CBD oil and that isn’t allowed. The branch saw this as a challenge. Shortly after hemp fibres became popular. In Europe, the allowed cannabis races for fibercultivation aren’t allowed to contain more than 0.2% THC. You can’t get stoned on this amount. Some of these races contain relatively a lot of CBD. If you make CBD oil from these plants, the oil won’t contain a lot of THC and then it must be permitted, so was the reasoning behind this. This assumption appeared to be wrong. By the ministry not even just 0, 2% was allowed. Finally the ministry complied.
If the CBD oil doesn’t contain more than 0, 05% THC, you can claim that it doesn’t contain THC. You can compare this to alcohol-free beer. It’s permitted that alcohol-free beer contains 0, 1% alcohol. It is as if you tell a woman that she is only slightly pregnant. I don’t know if all the stickers and claims from the manufactures are accurate. What I do know is that a lot of shops sell CBD oil. As a customer you are not limited to specials stores. Even the well-known drugstores supply CBD oil. I enjoy the sales conversations that I occasionally overhear in the stores. Once I heard a posh lady ask a sales representative if they sold weed oil “You mean CBD oil, yes we do sell that”. What followed was a conversation on the benefits of the use of CBD oil. The lady had heard such positive stories from her friends that she wanted to try the drops herself. It was nice to hear that there was no resistance against the product. The increase of the use of CBD oil shows the average citizen that cannabis is not abnormal.
The ING bank, who tries to avoid damage to their name by not letting coffee shops and related companies open a bank account, has no objection against distributing CBD oil. In fact the bank distributes it itself. If you browse the banks internet page you can purchase goods with interest points. 2 bottles of 10 ml CBD oil manufactured by a well-known manufacturer are offered for € 27 + 1.350 interest points. The product is praised as a “very popular and modern heal-all” that has diverse ways of using it. It is used for relaxation, as a painkiller, enhancing of the immune system and enhancing your sleep rhythm. Also added is that the oil is completely legal and is approved by the ministry of health, wellbeing and sports. If the latter is correct, I am not quite sure. What I have noticed is that CBD oil is offered as a pharmaceutical product and not a nutritional supplement. I would discourage this way of presenting the product. But I do applaud the ING Bank for embracing the commerce of CBD-oil. This benefits the normalisation of cannabis.
Translated by Joanna McKernan. Joanna works as a Lawyer for the law firm Beckers & Bergmans in Sittard. She is a native English speaker. Joanna has a lot of experience in cannabis related civil cases.

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